Wednesday, September 14, 2011

in this forever

I recently purchased "In this Forever" album by Rita Springer. She's always been one of my favorite singer and worship leader so I couldn't wait to buy it on itunes! I took my mom to a concert she held in Southlake and even she felt God's presence through her music & she doesn't even speak English that well. I've had her songs on repeat since I got's just so uplifting and it has helped me spend some time in worship, which I love and can't live without. I wanted to share a few of the lyrics and how they have ministered to me...

1. In this Forever: "and I can hide in your shelter. you reach down to me, I reach up for you...cause i'm in this FOREVER!!" A song about giving everything to him, completely surrendering to him because he is worth it. There are so many other directions I could go as a person who has been given free will, but I have chosen Jesus...and I am in this FOREVER.

2. Oh How you Love Me: "how wide, how deep, how great your love is for me. how high, how endless, and oh so beautiful." A song that just sings his love all over me! "Let go of your heart, let go of your great is your love for me!" & how much I just want to surrender to this love and be completely intoxicated with it.

3. Make You Happy: "You make me fall here at your feet in total make me happy!" I can dance to this song :)

4. Come In: "with every turn, with every breath, with all my life, my thankfulness. My heart your home. call me your own, and come in" All about inviting Jesus to come in and dwell in our lives.

5. I Call You: "I call you one who always will come through" One of my favorites on this album, especially this lyric.

6. You are good: Your good and your faithfulness go on, and on, and on , and on, and on (you really have to hear this part of the song)." He is so good and I LOVE to sing about it!

7. All I need: My song. Being away from my "normal life" and my loved ones has been tough at times. Therefore, this song is on all the time. "All I need to do is worship. All I need to do is say his name out loud. All i need to do is lift my hands, surrender and bow down. All i need to do is let his presence fall." There is nothing I have experienced in my lifetime that compares to being in his presence. It's like being home.

I love these songs so much! I'm so thankful for divine timing. I'm thankful for the immediate mood booster worship gives me. I'm thankful that God uses music to encourage us to worship him. I'm thankful for the voice God has given me...I'm not trying to say I have a great voice or anything, but I do LOVE to sing like I'm the best singer in the world when I worship...I'm singing to my King, so I have to saaaannnggg it! lol.

So, this is it for tonight. maybe after reading this you'll go read your bible, or turn some p&w music on, or pray...just go be with the Lord already!

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