Friday, September 16, 2011

favor like Esther's

I am in a situation where I am in need of the Lord's favor over my life. So, tonight (it is very late) the Lord directed me to the book of Esther (isn't it great that God speaks to us through his word? I'm so thankful!). The word "favor" is all over this story. It's not only about Esther's courage to save her people, but it's also a testimony of how God gives us favor with men in order to carry out his will and plans. Esther had a need. She placed herself in the middle of God's plans. She put even her own life on the line. She (and her family) armed herself with prayer. She You are my Mordecai. I need your prayers. Although my situation is a lot different then Esther's, the Lord has encouraged me through her life. I am seeing myself in Esther, and she was given favor.

I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be. Where I am was in his plans and I know he will show me favor to continue in this beautiful journey he has set me in.

We are blessed and HIGHLY favored. Amen!

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