Monday, August 16, 2010

In memory of Tania and Erik Valdez

This has been a strange time. Alot of unfortnate events, pain, and change has occured not only in my life, but in the lives around me. I guess that's life for you. Something is always going on. We get overwhelmed & stressed with life-sometimes tired of it. Let me tell you something-this past weekend two young lives were taken. Two very precious lives. Although my heart is sad, I also rejoice because I know eventhough they were young they lived very full lives. How? Simply because they had Jesus in their heart. This is what makes LIFE precious-even when we are FULL of stress/worries/pain/etc. JESUS holds us! Jesus is with us! Jesus loves us! I will proclaim this with all my heart and until I die. Life is so good because I have you in it, Jesus.

So, as Fall approaches I will give praises to my King for change. As we wait for the changing of the leaves and cooler tempetures we also wait for the work he is about to do in us. As the saying goes, "we don't know what the future hold, but we know the one who holds the future." So true.