Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Go Cowboys!
I always look forward to the weekend here in Mexico. There is almost always something going on. I especially look forward to Sunday because I go with my family to their mass service, which even though it's really different then what I'm use to God has really spoken to me through the messages. I'm really starting to miss taking communion, though. The Catholic church is kind of particular as to who can take communion. From what I understand communion is such a sacred act you have to be in full accordance with Catholic church teaching and theology to take part in it. I don't really understand it, and maybe it's because I believe communion is for all believers. No one is worthy to partake in it, but Jesus invites us all to his table. Either way, I appreciate how the Catholic's treat communion as something so sacred. So many times I have come to the Lord's table without even thinking about it...I've done it like it's something so mundane, and it's totally NOT. It is something we should feel privileged to do. It is something we shouldn't do out of ritual, but as an act of gratitude and worship.

Sunday also means my uncle takes us to dinner & a movie. I've seen more movies in one month in Juarez than I ever have in Ft. Worth! BTW, everyone needs to see "Planet of the Apes" It is a wonderful movie! Um, skip "Cowboy's vs. Aliens" though...it was a snooze fest for me.

My Sunday has changed, though, now that football is here :) My uncles is the biggest Cowboy's fan I've ever met. This also means there will be many profanities throughout the game! {must wash ears out after Sunday night football}. I understand, though. You can't help but get so into a game to where you're screaming and hollering. I'm for the most part a composed person, but if you've ever watched a sporting event with me you know I usually lose it (example: when the MAV'S won the championship game). I can't wait till next weeks game! :)

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