Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hope he brings back a dead duck! quack!

One of the things I most love about my spouse is his ever-changing fads/hobbies. Maybe this is just a guy thing. I don't know? Boys, do you have a need to constantly get involved in a different activity each month? Let me just name a few...just off the top of my head- video editing, hiking, camping, kayaking, martial arts, and of course the most recent FIREARMS & HUNTING! Like I said, I love this about him because he's always learning something new & always has something to talk about. Plus, one day when we finally decide to have kiddo's he will have so much to teach them...and I know they will think he's such a cool dad.

Down side to this new hobby- time away from me! This weekend Fern & his buddies are going duck hunting in Arkansas. For the first time ever he will take the life of an innocent animal...bring it home and eat it! Although I'm happy for him I will miss him terribly :(

Moral of this post: Your spouses interest/hobbies may not be your cup of tea but always be supportive and maybe even participate once in a while...who knows, you may see me one day carrying a shot gun & dressed in camo ready to kill some woodland creature. Highly unlikely, but I'd do it if my marriage depended on it :)

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