Sunday, January 10, 2010

Acts of L-O-V-E

In our (almost) 5 months of marriage I will confess we have had moments of disagreements, frustrations, & flat out rudeness...really, what marriage doesn't have any of these? I hate them. I so wish in those moments I had a pause button for myself just so I can ask why I am acting/responding the way I am. Honestly, I wonder why and how I can be so ugly to the person I love with all my heart. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Wanna know what I love? I love the feeling of putting a smile on my husband's face when I do something totally random simply because of the fact that I love him. Like Cheddar's. We had this really terrible waitor who was taking forever to bring Fern the A1 Sauce (which Fern absolutely HAS to have when eating a steak). I saw the desperation on his face & I couldn't stand it. I knew he wanted it so bad and would make him happy, so what do I do? I go over to the table next to us and ask to borrow their A1 Sauce (good thing they were nice!). I took it over to him & when I saw the look in his eyes I knew I had made him the most happiest man in the room! Or like when I come home and Fern has made the bed. Or when he spends his day off to help me clean. Or anytime we put ourselves second just to make the other person's day. This is what I LOVE! Acts of love. Acts of service to show the other person how much you care. It's these things that drown out the things I hate, like arguing.

Maybe it's a spouse, or a friend, sister, brother, neighbor, etc. Show the people in your life how much you care by doing something totally random...but totally out of LOVE. I promise it will make their day.

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