Friday, December 30, 2011

trusting God

Trusting in God to me is not an act I have to do, nor is it something I do because I have no other choice. Trusting God, to me, is simply a response to the fact he is Good & the work he is doing in my life (even if the process hurts) is good. When God created the world it was a process, and each day even though the world was not yet complete, he would see it as good. He knew the Earth, and exactly what it was missing. He knew the dark, formless, & empty Earth needed light, living things, and beauty. He provided all those things in an orderly, creative, and perfect way.

I trust in God who is in control of his work, and is so creative about it. I trust in God who knows exactly what is coming next in this process.

I trust in God because I am his creation.

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