Wednesday, November 30, 2011

skype dates

Hi, friends! I LOVE technology. Without it I would not be able to communicate with the people I love. I am especially thankful for skype. I LOVE having skype dates with my friends and family. It makes being so far away just a little bit easier. Thank you to all my friends who are constantly keeping up with me while I'm in Mexico. This has been such a difficult process...We could not do it without your prayers & encouragement! Here's a few screen shots of some of my favorite skype dates :)

my brother in law checking himself out on the camera

having pillow talk with my mommy :)

meeting my baby niece for the first time :) Such a special moment

Diego was showing me how many teeth he has lost!

being silly with Cole bear

Let's have a skype date soon, shall we? acontreras0821! call me ;)

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