Monday, December 27, 2010

can't i write

Don't you hate it when you can't seem to turn off your mind?? There's nothing really bogging me down...I didn't drink coffee...I just can't stop thinking. Someone once told me if you can't go to sleep b/c you have too much on your mind, just write it down. So here it goes...

1. I would really like to run another Half. But that would require me to start running consistantly, again. Hmm. We'll see.

2. Can't wait to start teaching so then I can have a reason to go shopping for "work clothes"...first thing I'm doing is getting a LOFT card :)

3. The beach with my hubby. (I think about this often at night).

4. Returning a blouse & tights I bought from Anthro with my gift card and getting the perfume I originally wanted. I am the world's worst shopper. Which makes #2 sound pretty ridiculous.

5. Waking up to make Fern a yummy breakfast. I made my first pot of Pinto beans the other day. I'm a real MEXICAN woman, now. & running before work...brrrr, I'm getting chills just thinking about it!

Well, that's about it. See, nothing major...just can't stop thinking about stuff. Hopefully this works b/c 630 a.m. is not too long from now...

Goodnight, bloggers.



  1. heart you, annie. you need to blog more frequently. :)
    in reference to the above:
    1. you can run another half- you'd def have me rooting for you
    2. as soon as you get a job that needs professional clothes, the ironing, and laundry grows. keep that in mind. i love it that you can wear jeans and comfy for now- and enjoy it.
    3. the beach- perfection. love this.
    4. i am the same way. glad you got what you likes, and that i got to see your pretty necklace the other night.
    5. you will always be mexican and you will always be the best at making guac, mashed beans, and fish with mayo. :)

    love you. hope you are enjoying your new year! ~hannie

  2. heart you too, Hannie. I promise I will blog more! reference to your comment:

    1. come root for me and Fern when we run the 10k in Feb!!
    2. Girl, I plan on dry-cleaning! hahha. but, you're right...wearing jeans and sweaters can be nice.
    3. ahhh...the beach...
    4. your necklace is prettier!
    5. thanks. maybe one day I will make a good mexican breakfast for you and Chase. I know how much he likes eggs w/ chorrizzo.