Thursday, January 28, 2010

loss or gain?

yesterday our family lost a dear friend. Pat was just a good person...and she was very good to me and my family. In fact, she was the one who arranged all the flowers for our wedding. And, she must have done it with so much love because they were just so beautiful. After a hard struggle with cancer at its worst, she died last night in her sleep. There is beauty in this sad situation, though...Jesus, and his deep love for Pat. She couldn't go until she knew how much he loved her & how he had her on his mind when he died up on that hill. With her broken English, God used my mom to lead Pat to him...proving that the Holy Spirit is understood in any language. So, eventhough we may have lost a good friend here on Earth...there is one more soul gained in the Kingdom of God. And that is just awesome.

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